Community Events Guidelines
Guests can attend any of the events below as long as you inform the host ahead of time and they follow general CDN rules (e.g. being 18+, no labels that fetishize trans people, etc.). Any guests brought without host approval can be subject to removal from the event space or otherwise ignored. The host’s comfort comes first.
  • We will rarely use @everyone.
    Please make sure that you are appropriately tagged with the event-type you wish to attend.
  • Our events are not open to the public unless otherwise specificed.
    That said—respectful guests are welcome. Please inform an Arbiter or Advisor via Discord ahead of time, including the character name of your guest.
  • In the majority of cases we will not announce the location of the event until the event is live.
  • We are prone to pinging the tag associated with an event at its initial announcement and then again when it goes live.
    In some rare cases, especially when the event is announced weeks head of time and players need time to prepare, we will perform reminder pings.

Folkmoots are our capstone scheduled role-play events that are hosted by our staff, with at least one happening every month. These are typically more regularized events that are not usually revolved around a long-standing plot, though there are some exceptions. Some folkmoots will also make reference to previous events, though you don’t need to have ‘followed along’ every step of the way. These will never involve sign-ups as a requirement to participate.

Folkmoots will typically involve delving into traditional themes and attendees taking an active role in this, though you’re welcome to spectate and/or come for the social aspect.

Where: 『📍  server  events』 & Events tab
By: Staff

The Proving — an event where Miqo’te are encouraged to show their sparring chops and meet new people in randomly assigned matches.

The Legend-keeping — An event where Miqo’te tell (pre-written) stories of their tribe or clan’s folklore.

An event where Miqo’te come together for a social festival to celebrate a recent IC milestone.

Grandmoot (or Grand Folksmoots) are scheduled role-play events hosted by staff with limited participation subject to sign-ups. Hosts have the right to filter sign-ups based on a personal preference, as usually these events have specific expectations for their participants IC, e.g. a connection to the hosting character, a sponsorship from a clan/tribe. However, spectators are encouraged to come along and give their commentary even if not directly participating.

Where: 『📍  server  events』 & Events tab
By: Staff

The Revel — an event where Miqo’te sponsored by a traditional clan/tribe use the art of combat to settle disputes or for clout. To fight in the Revel would require a sign-up, but to attend would not.

The Bazaar — An event where Miqo’te trade goods and services, typically for goods produced by themself or their own clan/tribe. To set up a bazaar stall would require a sign-up, but to browse and purchase from the stalls would not.


Pop-Ups are impromptu role-play scenes that any member can host for the CDN community. These are meant to be lighter, socially focused scenes. Use the format in 『📢  party  finder』 and a staff member will ping the Pop-up role for you.

Where: 『📢  party  finder』
By: Anyone!

“Buscarron’s Druthers is giving 50% off on all drinks to its patrons tonight.”

“It’s storming heavily in La Noscea and the people of Summerford Farms are herding people inside for shelter.”

“My character is currently at Camp Drybone, come say hi!”

FATEs are scheduled role-play events that any member can host, as long as you inform a staff member to avoid clashes with Folkmoots. A FATE can be a personal plot-line, combat event, festival, social, anything that involves our community theme of Miqo’te tradition. You are allowed to make this limited to sign-ups if this is more convenient for you.

Where: 『📍  server  events』 & Events tab
By: Anyone!

A combat event where a Keeper clan are looking to hunt down some poachers and need 12 participants to come along.

A social event where a Seeker tribe is hosting a festival celebrating the 100th birthday of their leader.

A festival where two tribes are coming together to revitalize an old flower-chaining tradition.


Unaffiliated Events are events that are not sponsored by CDN. These are links to an event hosted by a group outside of CDN that has no connection to our theme of Miqo’te role-play.

Staff does not claim responsibility for what occurs at these events, though we ask that if there is particularly gross misconduct from the CDN member that advertised the event, please let us know. You do not need staff permission to post unaffiliated events, but we withhold the right to delete advertisements for events that do not follow our community code of conduct, such as anything sexually explicit.

Where: 『📢  party  finder』
By: Anyone!

“My FC is hosting an All Saints’ Day themed bar night at our estate.”

“This RP community is hosting an Au Ra-centric event at Reunion.”

“I’m getting eternally bonded OOC and you’re all invited!”

Events types are not limited to what is listed above. You can pretty much expect to see a broad range of genres present in CDN: hunts, festivals, et cetera.

The staff will sometimes utilize the @Group Outing tag to bring an event to the attention of the community overall. While these aren’t Miqo’te or even tribal-focused events, sometimes we just need to get out there and be supportive of the wider community!

Event Type
Posted In
Can be hosted by
Scheduling required
Sign-ups required
Participation criteria
Spectators allowed
party finder
server events
Depends on host
Depends on host
Depends on host
server events
server events
party finder
Depends on host
Depends on host
Depends on host
Hosting Community Events
If you are interested in hosting an event within our community you have plenty of options! We are fortunate to have any volunteer that wishes to roll up their sleeve and dabble in hosting. We as a community grow stronger with your participation and mutual love of this hobby. Please do approach the staff and strike up a conversation about your idea or concept. Our general process is to carry the idea to staff chat and discuss it, then return to you with our conclusion. This procedure is in place just to double-check that two events of the same theme aren’t double-booked.  If you have invested in the community for a time you might even find the staff willing to collaborate extensively!

All we ask is that you honor the guidelines contained here.

Certain themes are reserved for the staff.

Refrain from themes that include storytelling, sparring, bazaars, or are political summits. The staff of the Celestial Dance Network have pre-established events surrounding these themes. We are, however, happy to include you in them and collaborate with you.

Only traditional or semi-traditional characters can host a folkmoot.

These particular events are tribal community-centric and meant to revolve exclusively around the theme of the community.

Do not host events that require payment of actual in-game gil.

We believe that all role-play events should be free-of-charge.

Include a warning if the event will contain adult themes.

This includes but is not limited to gore, blood sacrifice, excessive violence, death, et cetera.

No auctions.

Including but not limited to date auctions, silent auctions, et cetera.

  • Advertising events outside of CDN

    As stated above: we find it important to support the wider role-play community outside of the Celestial Dance Network. You are welcome to post a brief advertisement in our 『『📢  party  finder』 』channel pointing out an event you think might be fun. There are a couple of templates available in the pins to give you an idea of what to put down if you are drawing a blank.

    It doesn't have to fit our community theme, we merely ask that you honor a few guidelines: Do not post events that grossly misalign with our community tone. (Excessive lorebreaking, futa, et cetera.) Do not post events with times that coincide CDN events. Include a warning for mature themes. No events that require in-game gil. No auctions.

Events & Disruptive Characters

Character development is the macaroni and cheese of role-play. Who doesn't enjoy a heaping helping of this delicious? We hope that our community members take a shred of something from the event that they find pleasing, whether it's positive or negative for the character. With that said—there is a time and a place for everything.

In the middle of a player-orchestrated event such as a folkmoot is not the time for disruptive In-Character development or behavior.

The players involved in curating these types of events have taken the time to map out an event for the community. It can leave a bitter taste in the mouth for them (as well as other players involved) when someone force-focuses the spotlight onto their character.

It's okay if your character disagrees with the premise of the event, the participants of it and their opinions, et cetera. In-Character conflict is perfectly acceptable—save it for the appropriate time. Instigating combat and disruptive arguments should be reserved for after moots or far more loosely organized events such as pop-up role-play, where characters have the choice of leaving and picking back up conversation elsewhere.

Role-playing a character sitting along the sidelines making snide remarks loud enough to provoke other characters from concentration at events/folkmoots falls within this category. In these instances, a character will typically approach them and attempt to address it quietly, giving you the opportunity to tone it down.

Discord Channel Usage
  • 📌  announcementsAll community announcements will be posted up here.
  • 📍  server  eventsAnnouncements for events and reminders.
  • 『📢  party  finder』Looking for RP? Want to run Roulettes? This is the place!
  • 🔖  role  assignAssign yourself roles for opt-in channels and reminder pings.
  • 📑  resourcesVarious resources for old hat and new sprout alike.

👥〈 Chatter 〉

  • 「general」
  • writing prompts
  • lore discussion
  • event planning
  • screenshots
  • feedback
  • media
  • food
  • art

🎆 Directory

  • ✨「characters」Community character directory. See the pinned post!
  • 🌙  moon  clansShow off that Keeper of the Moon clan you've been stitching together. This is not a channel for FC/clan advertising.
  • 🔆  sun  septsGot a Seeker sect that has kept you up all day that you've been pouring over? Plop it! Not for FC/sept advertising.

🌌 < The Omniverse >

  • 𝐓𝐡𝐞⁂𝐒𝐮𝐠𝐚𝐫⁂𝐌𝐢𝐥𝐥Praise that person you role-played with. Gush about something nice in your life. Post cats. THIS IS A HAPPY PLACE.
  • 𝖙𝖍𝖊  𝖘𝖍𝖆𝖉𝖔𝖜  𝖗𝖊𝖆𝖑𝖒This is the dark place. A place of no return. Offensively filthy memes and horrors.
  • 𝕥𝕙𝕖  𝕤𝕒𝕝𝕥  𝕞𝕚𝕟𝕖𝕤The vent zone. Just make sure that you read the channel description!
  • 𝓣𝓱𝓮  𝓢𝓲𝓷  𝓑𝓲𝓷NSFW porn, art, and discussion ahoy.
  • starboardThe hall of shame. If you tag someone with an emoji they end up immortized here.
  • spoilersYou know what this is.
  • botplayInteract with and abuse our bots please.
Staff Information

Membership of our staff is completely voluntary. These members of the community are doing this for free and devoting their spare time to a hobby they love. As such, disrespect and harassment of them will not be tolerated. Admittance and removal of community members is at the discretion of these individuals—with final decision in the hands of the administrator. Moderation of incidents and individuals will be handled on a case-by-case basis with member history in mind.

Staff membership is by invitation only and will be extended by the administrator in private message. 


Frequently Asked Questions
+ - Why are people saying "miqute"?
This is an in-community meme. At a prior storytelling event, a non-role-player vaulted right into the thick of the event in an attempt to join into our fun. The absolute legend spelled Miqo'te as "miqute" and a meme was born.
+ - What does "sept" mean and why "sept" instead of "sect"?
The word sept in this instance carries the same meaning as sect, sub-group, and sub-tribe. It's a word used to describe a player-created branch of a Seeker tribe—a way for a broad spectrum of players to share a tribe without stepping on the toes of one another. The origin of its widespread usage in the Celestial Dance Network comes about through happenstance. When creating her sept in 2013, the community founder/admin elected to use this word in reference to the people of her character, as they are highly religious to the point of zealotry. The word stuck with other players after her usage of it. Originally, it was meant to have heavy religious implications. Perhaps in the future the channel will be renamed to sect. Either way, feel free to use whatever term is comfortable for you! It doesn't really matter as long as the meaning is carried.
+ - Why is the Keeper male Discord role named "Wanderer"?
This is a reference a lore snippet.

"The men of the Keepers of the Moon live a wanderer’s life, for they are at their best in small doses. Women and children keep the hearth, ply various trades, and accept game and visits from the menfolk."

- Masha Mhakaracca