Naming Conventions

The Keepers of the Moon lead more solitary lives, rarely forming communities of more than two or three families. Therefore, a tribal letter is not assigned to the names. The matriarchal strength is further displayed by the fact that female first names are short, one/two syllable constructions that closely resemble names used by male Seekers of the Sun.

Unpronounced aitches are also present in the names.

- Okhi Nbolo
- Cemi Jinjahl
- Gota Jaab
- Sizha Epocan

Females ♀️
Unlike the Seekers of the Sun, the Keepers of the Moon is a highly matriarchal society, with family names passed down from the mother, not the father. It is said that some of these surnames have survived since the First Astral Era.

Males ♂️

More evidence of how important the mother is to the Keepers of the Moon can be seen when looking at the names given to males. In addition to taking the mother’s surname, males also take the mother’s forename, adding a suffix (separated by an apostrophe) to the end to designate the order in which they were born.

First son: 'a
Second son: 'to
Third son: 'li
Fourth son: 'sae
Fifth son: 'ra
Sixth son: 'ir
Seventh son: 'wo
Eighth son: 'ya
Ninth son: 'zi
Tenth son: 'tan

- Okhi’a Nbolo
- Cemi’to Jinjahl
- Gota’li Jaab
- Sizha’sae Epocan

Though there are ten suffixes listed above, rarely do even the largest Keeper of the Moon families have more than two or three sons. This is not by choice. Nature merely sees to it that more females are born to this race.

"There are many Keeper of the Moon family names that have been passed down through the generations. The ones you see in-game represent some of the more prominent families that once crossed the frozen seas into Eorzea in search for prey. That does not mean that these are all the names available. There are some families who have chosen to live more secluded lives, and simply have not made an appearance in-game yet. There are also the families who remained in their homeland, or emigrated to lands other than Eorzea. So, when creating a character, you are free to take the surname of an existing family, and inherit their history, or choose a yet-to-be-released surname, and build a new history."

- Fernehalwes/Koji Fox


Q19: In the naming conventions of the Keepers of the Moon it is stated that some of the family surnames “have survived since the First Astral Era”. Can you tell us more about that? Have some of the surnames been passed down, or are some related to the Ancients from before the Sundering?

Yoshida: “Everyone’s so good at researching things. Sharp observations.”

Oda: “Those people who remembered the battle between Hydaelyn and Zodiark, they were the people who also founded those clans. The words may not have made clear sense to them anymore, but (their descendants) felt it was important and passed the words and names from generation to generation.”

- Gamescom Q&A 2019

Limsa: S- 20% | K- <10%
Ul’dah: S- 10% | K- <10%
Gridania: S- <10% | K- 10%
Ishgard: S- <10% | K- <10%
Ala Mhigo: S- 10% | K- <10%
Sharlayan: Unavailable

Primary Deity

Menphina — The Lover. Goddess of the (once) twin moons and commander of the element of ice. Sister of the sun goddess Azeyma and lover of Oschon.

Notable Traits

Larger (compared to Seeker) ears. Slim, long tails. Pronounced canines. Matriarchal. Keen sense of smell. Exceptional balance. Keen intuition. Nocturnal prowess. Broody & reticient.

Canon Keeper Family Names A-Z

Aliapoh, Amariyo, Anbolho, Awandah, Bajhiri, Betwanhe, Binbotaj, Burwani, Chalahko, Chelewae, Dakwhil, Dolabnha, Elakha, Entialpoh, Epocan, Fashonti, Gamduhla, Ganajai, Garanjy, Jaab, Jakkya, Jawantal, Jinjahl, Jomalah, Kaatapoh, Khamazom, Khetto, Lanbatal, Lihzeh, Lyehga, Maimhov, Mewrilah, Mhakaracca, Molkoh, Molkot, Moshantu, Moshroca, Moui, Mujuuk, Nbolo, Nelhah, Panipahr, Polaali, Quowaital, Rabntah, Relenah, Tayuun, Wahcondalo, Wilzuun, Wolndara, Zhwan

"The nocturnal among the Miqo'te have dubbed themselves the Keepers of the Moon. Shying from the garish light of day, they revel in the shroud of night, with most offering their piety to Menphina the Lover, goddess of the moon. Their tradition of hunting in the thick woodlands of the Black Shroud have for years thrown them into conflict with the forestfolk of Gridania, who condemn them as poachers. Of late, however, many Keepers of the Moon have found some small peace with the Gridanians, and taken to living within the city."

Lodestone — Keeper of the Moon

"The nocturnal among the Miqo'te have dubbed themselves the Keepers of the Moon. Shying from the garish light of day, they revel in the shroud of night, with most offering their piety to Menphina the Lover, goddess of the moon. They are distinguishable from their diurnal cousins by their darker fur, larger ears, rounder eyes, more pronounced canines, and longer, skinnier tails. The ritual application of war paint to the face is still regularly practiced, as it is believed the vivid colors grant lunar powers. The Keepers are known for their reticent and brooding personalities, but are also respected and sometimes feared for their tenacity."

Lodestone 1.0 — Keeper of the Moon

“The Keepers of the Moon are the more numerous of the two Miqo'te clans you will see here in Gridania. Even so, their kind are few enough, as many and more care not for life in the city. They have the characteristic feline eyes and long swaying tails and I daresay that in comparison to the Seekers of the Sun, they tend to be a bit more reticent and reserved. Time was, our own Gods’ Quiver used to clash with the Keepers that were out hunting in the Twelveswood. But these days we deal with them friendly enough, trading what crops and hides are to be had.”
Missing Calamity NPC

"We Keepers of the Moon have a long history of decorating our faces with colorful paint before going into battle. We do this not only to honor the traditions of our clan, but to also let the gods know that we are prepared to serve them as warriors in the afterlife, should we fall at the hands of our enemies. The paint we use is taken from the inedible red berries of a herb known as ‘soldier’s sore’ that can be found growing in the South Shroud. My unit is willing to pay handsomely for any who can harvest the fruit and deliver it to our barracks."

Pimoh Nelhah— Moon in Rouge

“Can you believe the nerve, this goblin fisherman said I wouldn’t be able to outfish him even if he were blindfolded! Well, I took the bet, of course! We Keepers of the Moon do not take insults lying down, especially if they’re true! Since he won’t be able to see a thing, you can prove him wrong.”
Daca Jinjahl
Blind Ambition

"The men of the Keepers of the Moon live a wanderer’s life, for they are at their best in small doses. Women and children keep the hearth, ply various trades, and accept game and visits from the menfolk."

Masha Mhakaracca — Member of the Songbirds

“Oh … it’s you. Tell me, do you ever think about home? Do you ever wish you could go back? Mine was just another poor village in the Twelveswood. The fields were more stone than soil, and merchants hardly ever bothered to visit. We didn’t have a lot… but we didn’t need it. And then the Calamity came. I remember running, and the screams… It was so loud …so unbearably loud… And then I was here, in a strange city, surrounded by more people than I’d ever seen, and I didn’t know any of them.

But I knew how to hunt. I was always good at hunting, and the guild gave me a place to get better. At least I thought I had gotten better. She … Pawah Mujuuk… she was so much more… I’ve been thinking, that maybe this is a sign. Maybe Silvairre is right, and this guild─this city─is no place for an outsider like me. And so I’ve decided to leave. Forgive me if this is too selfish a request, but before I go, I would like to meet with you one last time. Alone, in the South Shroud. These … Gridanians would not understand.”
Leih Aliapoh

Miqo'te — General Lore

A race distinguished by their large, feline ears and supple tail. For reasons that are not entirely clear, female Miqo’te vastly outnumber males, a phenomenon unique among Eorzea’s races.

  • History

    The Miqo'te are descendants of a hunting people that crossed over the frozen seas to Eorzea in search of prey during the Age of Endless Frost, when famine gripped the land. Cleaving to their old way of life, they have largely accepted their status as one of Eorzea's less populous races. Fiercely territorial and proud of their traditions, it could be said that Miqo'te are unsuited to life in the city-states: Nevertheless, as natural-born hunters given to a nomadic lifestyle, many Miqo'te have achieved great success as adventurers.

  • Clans

    The Miqo'te are roughly divided into two clans: the diurnal Seekers of the Sun, and the nocturnal Keepers of the Moon. The former hunt during the light of day, while the latter prowl at night, and it is believed this stark difference in habit arose due to unique physical differences between the two. Furthermore, within each clan exist numerous tribes, each with their own unique culture, customs, and hunting methods - it can hardly be said that all Miqo'te of the same clan share a common set of beliefs.

  • Identity

    A common trait among all Miqo'te is their fierce pride for their heritage as hunters. Seeing themselves as part of the natural world itself, they prize above all the freedom of the hunt, and do not shun death when old age and infirmity sap them of the physical talents needed to pursue their quarry to their satisfaction. To the free-willed Miqo'te, other races' way of life—their wont to flock together with their own kind, to overrun nature to build cities, to seek safety and stability in laws and alliances—must seem quite curious indeed.

  • Tongue

    Despite their inherently solitary nature, the Miqo'te adopted the common tongue early on, born of a need to barter with other races to procure materials with which to craft their hunting tools and weapons. Remnants of the old tongue can be observed in the distinctive Miqo'te ‘huntspeak’ - a system of tongue-clicks and whistles used to communicate with companions while in pursuit of quarry.

  • Dress

    The agile Miqo'te value freedom of movement above all else, shunning unwieldy armor that might restrict their range of motion. Miqo'te legwear is invariably perforated with a hole through which the tail dangles free, allowing them to maintain their unerring sense of balance.

GE: Where is Miqo’te lore at these days? There were lots of hints that Meracydia might have been involved, and those references were pruned away and now it’s all about Ilsabard. What’s the truth?

Koji: First off, you have so many eras. You talk about them coming over the land bridge, but then that’s very recent. In general, people are migrating everywhere. Think about it in terms of Earth. Where were people, and how did they move, over a thousand years? Now multiply that by six eras! Shit happens here, in Eorzea, a Calamity, it gets too hot, it gets too cold; people move away to a place that’s better. They break off there, and come back.

So the Fifth Umbral comes and ice starts appearing and disappearing all over, and you can get to and from different places that you couldn’t before, sometimes; even the southern islands where the Lalafell are from. The Miqo’te are coming back from Ilsabard and they’re coming back from Meracydia, but they got there in different time periods. They converge on places that are rich in the aether, because that’s what it’s all about. Places that have more aether are going to be more lush, be better for growing crops and surviving, and there’s going to be animals.
Fernehalwes / Koji Fox
Dev Team — Forum Post
  • ”A ... "Miqo'te," ma'am? I'm afraid I don't quite know what you mean."
    Kugane Resident — The Ananta Maid's Tail

"Ah, so you folks are called "Miqo'te!" I've seen quite a few of you around Kugane of late. And there was a man fitting that description over by the Short Pier, when I passed by not too long ago."

Kugane Resident — The Ananta Maid's Tail
  • “As I’m sure you’ve gathered from the tail an’ ears, Q'yantaa’s a Miqo'te, and huntin’s in their blood. Could be this plan might actually work…”
    Loupard — Tailfather Quest: I Wanna Be the Hunter

"Together with the longbow sentries of the Elezen military, the shortbow hunters among the Miqo'te are widely regarded as most skilled with the bow." Lodestone — Archer Class
"The male Miqo'te markings are a special characteristic of the race, and aren’t actually tattoos. They are born with these markings and they become deeper in color as they grow older, but similar to people who have thin and thick facial hair, there are individual differences. With that said, there are some female Miqo'te face types that do not have this, but all of the male face types do.”
ARR Player Feedback Status List


The Lover

Daughter of Althyk, Sister of Azeyma, and Divine Lover of Oschon.

“Dalamud has long had a place in Eorzean mythos. Before its fall, the lesser moon was widely believed to be the loyal hound of the goddess Menphina, and as such appeared in many religious works of art. Needless to say, discovery of the moon’s true origin forced many of the realm’s more devout denizens to question their faith.”

Encyclopedia Eorzea, page 41.

  • “Menphina, the Lover. Monitoring multiple moons─well, two─this divinity is dotingly disposed. She is the preferred personage of the Keepers of the Moon. If your love life is lacking, you might consider calling on Her cooperation.”
    Havak Alvak — Mythril Eye Reporter

“For those who are unfamiliar, legend holds that the greater and lesser moons are respectively the goddess Menphina and her loyal hound, Dalamud. Since time immemorial, the two have been engaged in an unending dance across the heavens.”

Dalamud Nigh — The Raven: Gridanian Tabloid

“Ever since Dalamud began taking on a crimson hue, countless theories have been in circulation seeking to explain the anomaly. A great many believe that Menphina’s hound is bathed in the blood of a vile fiend who had designs upon his mistress’s life, even as others swear that the changes portend the Seventh Umbral Era.”

Dalamud Nigh — The Raven: Gridanian Tabloid

“Those who have an interest in astrology will know Dalamud to be the celestial body that orbits the moon in perpetual dance. For others the name will recall childhood tales of the loyal hound of the moon goddess Menphina, who would put to flight in a flurry of torn flesh and gushing blood those who meant his mistress harm.”

The Curse of Dalamud — The Raven: Gridanian Tabloid
“When night falls and I can no longer work the vineyards, I oft gaze up at the moons and follow their celestial dance across the heavens. It is commonly held that the larger of the two is the embodiment of Menphina, the Lover. The legends surrounding the smaller moon vary, though. While there are some who believe it to be Menphina’s daughter, others swear that it is her lantern. However, the most popular tale tells us the moon is actually Menphina’s loyal hound, Dalamud, ever vigilant in his watch over the goddess. Grapes picked on the mornings when Dalamud’s eyes shine brightest are said to produce the finest of wines, which is why many of us here in this hamlet rise before the cock’s call and check the skies before attending to the day’s tasks.”
Missing NPC — Defunct Pre-Calamity Limsan Quest — "Moonstruck"
  • “Legend holds that Dalamud is the loyal hound of the goddess Menphina. In art and literature, he is ever depicted protecting his mistress from vile fiends. One cannot help but wonder, what becomes of the goddess if Her defender should leave Her side?”

“Words may be wind, but wind reaches all, and the hushed winds that have reached the Herald tell us that the chocolates are now being prepared at the Bismarck. Some say that the gourmets there have learned something of the divine concoctions made by the maiden servants of Menphina, goddess of love. Still others claim that a rare and valuable spice extracted from Meracydian gold is used in the baking. All that can be said for sure is that a truly unique and amazing recipe has been devised.”

The Bonds of Love — The Harbor Herald: Limsan Tabloid
“Yet Althyk would not be alone overlong, for soon from the Whorl did another step forth. Her name was Nymeia, and She was but a mewling babe who could do naught but weep, and soon Her tears had created a vast lake. Althyk, seeking companionship in the empty realm of His creation, took the young goddess under His wing and cared for Her as one would a daughter. As Nymeia grew, so, too, did their love for one another, until it could no longer be contained, culminating in a divine coupling which resulted in the birth of two holy daughters - Azeyma, the sun, and Menphina, the moon - and with their advent, was day and night conceived.”
Encyclopedia Eorzea — Creation
Page 18
“Every god and goddess of the Twelve is associated with one of the six controlling elements. When the deities deemed Their work on Eorzea complete, They proceeded to create the firmament, the result being six astrally aligned heavens aspected to each of the six elements, and a final seventh heaven to rule them all. However, a residual product of these heavens were six similarly aspected hells, ruled by an all-encompassing, umbrally aligned seventh hell. The six “lower heavens” are represented in the sky by six constellations - star formations which astrologians also perceive as gates that, when opened, can allow a person to become attuned with the heavens and manipulate their aether. These constellations revolve around the pole star which is believed to be the gate to the seventh and final heaven.

While some sects of Twelve worship have different views of the afterlife, most believe that the righteous are promised a place in the heavens while sinners are doomed to an eternity of punishing trials in the hells. A belief made popular by a famous theologian and playwright of the Sixth Astral Era states that upon an evil man’s death, he will fall to a hell that corresponds to the sins he committed in his lifetime. Once suffering an eternity in payment for those sins, he must journey through the remaining five “upper hells” and witness the sins of his brothers, before finally arriving at the gate of the seventh hell, where his heart will be weighted. If it is heavy with sorrow and repentance for what he has done, he will be sent to the heavens. But if it remains light, he will be admitted to the seventh hell where he will suffer forevermore.”
Encyclopedia Eorzea — Hells and Heavens
Page 19
“In the center of this heaven rises a lofty palace of ice - ice made of frozen moonbeams and carved with the Fury’s own spear. Here reside epic heroes and gallant knights, the benevolent and the faithful. From Halone’s gelid palace do piercing icicles plummet to the Pit, creating the Hell of Ice. Here suffer cowards, deserters, and adulterers.”
Encyclopedia Eorzea — The Hell and Heaven of Ice
Page 19

“The Spear is the gate to the sixth heaven, where the Fury resides in a palace of ice carved by her own spear – ice formed of moonbeams collected by the Lover, Menphina. The Spear fills us not only with the power to overcome our enemies, but also the compassion that is necessary to grant those same enemies mercy.”

Leveva Byrde — NPC — Job Quest ⇒ Astrologian Quest — "Spearheading Initiatives"
“Before we set forth on this task, I wish to teach you of a second set of stars─the nocturnal sect. The nocturnal sect contains those celestial bodies ruled by the two moons. I say two, because since the dawn of astrology, disciples of our field have used Dalamud in their readings. Now, even after the false moon’s fall, its position…or should I say, its absence, yet has influence over our fates. Whereas the sun and the diurnal stars represent the self, expression, the active─and the moon and the nocturnal stars represent the unconscious, the passive─Dalamud represents, and still does represent the uncontrollable. Its power has the ability to quicken the senses, as well as provide added protection from the unknown─things beneficial when pursuing one’s fate.”
Leveva Byrde
NPC — Job Quest ⇒ Astrologian Quest — "Loved by the Sun"

“Now, you do know that the moon is the embodiment of the goddess Menphina, yes? Well, the smaller celestial body that keeps an eternal vigil over her is Dalamud, her loyal hound. Great changes are afoot, however, and I fear they are not for the better. Dalamud has taken on a vivid crimson hue of late, you see, as if he were drenched in blood. Has an enemy of the goddess made an attempt on her life, that her hound Dalamud should be forced to spill blood in her defense? The affairs of the gods may be beyond our knowing, but this much is clear: something wicked this way comes.”

Joldewin — Missing Calamity NPC — Hunter's Moon
“Oh? You’ve not heard of Dalamud? He is the faithful hound who forever attends to his mistress Menphina, whom you may know as the goddess who appearrrs to us mortals as the moon. There are some who would have us believe that Menphina and Dalamud are just rocks, the latter in orbit around the former, but such talk is outright sacrilege! If you require proof of his true form, you need only turn your eyes towards the night sky. The crimson hue that veils him of late—it is the lifeblood of the wicked creature that sought to harrrm his mistress, whom Dalamud bravely vanquished. This is an ill omen, I tell you. It’s only a matter of time before the same evil befalls us—before we, too, are made to bathe in blood.”
Calamity Missing NPC — Hunter's Moon

Great monuments to the Calamity's coming, Dalamud's Talons are relatively small formations of corrupted crysta1. People have given them their fearsome name as they are thought to resemble the mighty claws of Menphina's loyal hound.

Encyclopedia Eorzsea, page 146.

Keeper of the Moon NPC Groups

Unfortunately, Square Enix has not provided Keeper of the Moon with “proper” in-game clans for us to enjoy through questlines and side stories. Curiously enough, some of the organizations and NPCs are outliers in their philosophy, especially the Coeurlclaw.

A band of poachers that, according to several NPCs, violate Keeper of the Moon tradition and are a general abusive nuisance.

The Coeurlclaws South Shroud FATE NPCs

“A band of Miqo'te poachers has begun hunting in the Twelveswood, led by a solitary male who has crowned himself King of the Coeurlclaws. Slay the unholy sovereign and send his subjects scampering.”

South Shroud FATE Flavor Text — The Coeurl King

“Takers’ Rot serves as a lair to a band of Miqo’te poachers calling themselves the Coeurlclaws. For Gridanians, who see these criminals as rotten to the core, the hideout’s name also serves as a curse upon the heads of these lawless hunters.”

Encyclopedia Eorzea. Page 126.
  • “Die wailing, little lancer. We recognize no laws─neither of men nor of elementals. What we want, we take. That is freedom. That is our way.”
    Sharp-eyed Keeper
"That man, the one who calls himself the king of the Coeurlclaws. King Poach, growing fat on stolen game, stolen family … The men of the Keepers of the Moon live a wanderer’s life, for they are at their best in small doses. Women and children keep the hearth, ply various trades, and accept game and visits from the menfolk.

But King Poach denies women this gods-given rule over matters of family. He forces women to live with him, forbids them to see their sisters, mothers, aunts. Most unnaturally, they lie with him and him alone! He calls this abomination of a family the Coeurlclaws, and thumbs his nose at the elementals’ will. He goads his poachers to slay a Wailer, to bind them to the gang… So terrible are their crimes that all Keepers of the Moon feel the suspicion and fear cast their way.”
Muah Lihzeh
NPC — Side Story Quest ⇒ Delivery Moogle Quest — "The Past Is a Story We Never Tell"

“Constructed by Highwind Skyways to serve as a landing for cargo airships, this location was quickly abandoned when the imperial presence in the area became too large to ignore. Now the site is used as a makeshift market where bandits and poachers peddle their ill-gotten wares far from the eyes of the law.”

Encyclopedia Eorzea.

  • “Keepers of the Moon, eh? If it were up to me, I’d hang every one of you, let the Twelve sort out the ‘Claws from the rest. Now, stand with your feet apart …”
    Wood Wailer
  • “That may be, but I have shed blood defending our borders─unlike you, savage.”
    NPC — Class Quest ⇒ Archer Quest — "The One That Got Away"
“‘Savage’!? You know nothing about me, you bigoted son of a─”
Leih Aliapoh

“The abandoned airship landing to the south has become a haven for poachers. Oh, we’ve tried to drive them off, and succeeded more often than not. But even should they scatter, in time they slink back to take shelter once more. It’s like trying to catch greased marmots.”

Fiolinne. NPC — South Shroud.

“The Keepers of the Moon who make Quarrymill their home have recently been troubled by Taker’s Rot poachers who litter the area with their deadly iron leg traps. Three young women and a breeding male have already had to have their legs amputated after suffering wounds from these deadly hunting instruments. To ensure the clan suffers no further causalities, the Trappers’ League has put a call out to local adventurers to assist in the search and disposal of hidden traps.”

South Shroud 2.0 Levequest

“Since the Calamity, the Trappers’ League, in conjunction with Stillglade Fane and the Wood Wailers, has established a comprehensive set of guidelines regulating hunting in the Twelveswood in order to see diminished beastkin populations return to their Sixth Astral Era size. One of the animals covered in this edict is the antelope– the guidelines specifically stating that the slaying of any stag or doe under the age of three summers is strictly prohibited. The notorious band of poachers known as the Coeurlclaws, however, have little respect for Gridania’s laws, and will often kill any and all creatures who enter their territory. To see that young antelopes are spared this fate, the Trappers’ League seeks volunteers to help guide wayward does and stags away from the poachers’ demesne.”
2.0 Levequest
South Shroud

“Have to sneak around a bit, 'case that wasn’t clear. The king’s law says we’ve no family outside the forest. But I guess that’s almost true for me anyway, if Ma’s gone. What do you think a young girl had to do, huh? To feed a bedridden ma and a sister barely out of swaddlin’ clothes? Bad things, adventurer. Bad for me─then bad for them. I was beautiful. Then I was brutal. Like a beast. A Wailer caught me at my… trade. Pink-cheeked little miss! All she saw was a thieving strumpet to drag before the Hearers. So… I took the roses from her cheeks. Made them bloom on her fine green doublet.

'Twas worth it, for Ma never knew what I was. But I couldn’t go home that day, nor never since. I hid in the forests, near starved. A city girl don’t know how to hunt. And then… then he found me─the king. I’d killed a Wood Wailer and that was a ticket into the Coeurlclaw poachers, you see. And my beauty pleases His Highness. A man is a man, in alleys or glades, eh?”

Urha Lihzeh. NPC — Side Story Quest ⇒ Delivery Moogle Quest — "The Past Is a Story We Never Tell"

A band of poachers.

The Pawah Mujuuk Gang Of the Twelvewood

“I know that she is the most infamous poacher ever to walk the Twelveswood. A born leader, deadly with the bow, she formed her own gang of Miqo'te hunters. She was apprehended once, and would have been brought to justice…had she not tricked a foolish young sentry into releasing her, before vanishing without a trace. Pawah Mujuuk is a savage and utterly amoral poacher whose actions, however indirectly, threaten the city’s well-being. But what would a vagrant like you know of duty to one’s homeland? No more than she, I suspect.”

Silvairre. NPC — Class Quest ⇒ Archer Quest — "The One That Got Away"

Tsk-tsk. That was a piss-poor showin’, sister. An’ ye call yerself a Keeper? A hunter with no fangs ain’t nothin’ but prey.”

Pawah Mujuuk the Ghost. NPC — Class Quest ⇒ Archer Quest — "To Catch a Poacher"

“Poachers throughout the Twelveswood use bone whistles like this one to communicate. With it, I believe we can lure Pawah out of hiding─assuming she has not moved on.”

NPC — Class Quest ⇒ Archer Quest — "The One That Got Away"
“Waste o’ bloody time! A Keeper what’s lost her nerve’s about as much use to me as a glass bow. But there’s no sport in killin’ captured prey. I’d better not see neither o’ ye again, 'cause if I do, I’ll show ye what happens to prey what’s daft enough to get caught twice. Away, sisters! Away!”
Pawah Mujuuk the Ghost
NPC — Class Quest ⇒ Archer Quest — "To Catch a Poacher"
“Ever since I met Pawah, I’ve been at a loss. But I realize now that my place isn’t at the guild… with the Gridanians. They’ll never accept me. This is where I belong, with my people, carrying on our traditions. Our archery─not Gridania’s. It’s all I have left. So I’m going with Pawah.”
Leih Aliapoh
NPC — Class Quest ⇒ Archer Quest — "Homecoming"


  • Meat_Miqabob-1-100x100
    Meat Miq'abob
    “A traditional Keeper of the Moon dish consisting of tender dodo meat and ripe ruby tomatoes on a stick, roasted to perfection.”
  • Salmon_Meuniere_Icon-100x100
    Salmon Meuniere:
    “A traditional Keeper of the Moon dish consisting of a thick fillet of salmon breaded with flour and friend in rich butter and savory spices.”
  • Thunderbolt_Sculpin_Icon-100x100
    Thunderbolt Sculpin
    “A rare freshwater fish decorated with a thunderbolt-like pattern down its back. The Keepers of the Moon who inhabit the Black Shroud will eat one of these before a big hunt, claiming that it grants them speed and strength.”
  • Fullmoon_Sardine_Icon-100x100
    Fullmoon Sardine
    A tiny saltwater fish native to the waters of Vylbrand. Unlike other wavekin, they feed only at night, their activity increasing as Menphina waxes.
  • Navigator-100x100
    Navigator’s Brand
    Cousin to the Navigator’s dagger, fishers believe that this wavekin was the blade that Llymlaen threw at Oschon in Her fury at having Her naked form espied. The incident led to the latter taking Menphina as His lover.
  • Aloe_Icon-100x100
    “A thick spiny-leaved cactus indigenous to the southern continent of Meracydia. The Miqo’te are known to treat severe burns with the cool gel-like substance found inside the leaves.”
  • Sesame_Seeds_Icon-100x100
    Sesame Seeds
    “A tiny seed rich in aromatic oil, sesame is native to Meracydia, and thought to have first been brought to Eorzea by migrating Miqo’te.”
  • Moon_Daisy_Icon
    Moon Daisy
    “Moon daisies are often hung to rafters, trees, or other elevated locations to represent the celestial body when performing holy rituals to the goddess Menphina during daylight hours.”
  • Moon_Nut_Icon-100x100
    Moon Nut
    The ghostly white shell which encases this walnut is reminiscent of the celestial body of its namesake.
  • Dalamud_Nut_Icon-100x100
    Dalamud Nut
    The shell which encases this walnut is reminiscent of the (now fallen) lesser moon of its namesake.
    “Together with the longbow sentries of the Elezen military, the shortbow hunters among the Miqo’te are widely regarded as most skilled with the bow.”
    – Archer Lodestone

    “Though lacking in range, the shortbow is well suited for hunting within a forest’s tangle of roots and boughs. It has long been prized by Miqo’te tribes for its speed and versatility, allowing for precision whether it be while in pursuit of fleeing quarry, or perched atop unstable limbs waiting for a target.”
    – Encyclopedia Eorzea II
    “The craft’s establishment as a tradition in Eorzea dates only to recent history. It was born primarily of ancient techniques and knowledge brought from the Near East, but has come to contain elements of Lalafellin herbalism and Miqo’te occultism as well.”
  • MythrileyeEmblem-150x149
    Alvak’s Spyglass - The Mythril Eye: Much Ado About Aether
    “According to ancient Miqo’te mystics, aetheric energy permeates all creation even as it exists in its own distinct dimension, parted from the physical plane. If Eorzea might be compared to a colossal creature, aether would be the lifeblood that courses through its veins, supplying it with sustenance.”
  • 06c62c8ca46a0cf0819867f967576342f8c4dd95
    Menphina's Earring
    Increases EXP earned by 30% when level 80 and below. Attributes and item level vary according to class/job and current level when equipped.
  • Moonlet_Icon-100x100
    Mogstation earring.

Miqo'te Saints

But wait. How and by who are these saints canonized?

“Marked by great deeds or purity of virtue, the lives of the saints have long been immortalized in story or song. The tale told in one hamlet, however, contradicted the telling in another, and even the validity of the sainthood itself was often only recognized by certain social institutions. Thus it was that some five-hundred years ago, Archon Loetstym Merlzirnsyn of Sharlayan sought to redress these inconsistencies by collecting scattered anecdotes from across the realm, and unifying the results in his hagiographic compilation, the Saints of Eorzea. Based upon his definitive work, his successors went on to establish the ‘Council of Loetstym’ in a move to formalize the process of canonization. Once every seven years, its members convene in the Sharlayan motherland to pore over potential cases, and cast votes to elevate new candidates to sainthood.

The figures thus recognized by the council become a ubiquitous sight in Eorzean society. They might appear as the subjects of theatrical productions or children’s picture books, but perhaps the most common saintly encounter for adventurers is found in the stained-crystal illustrations of leve plates. As seen below, each leve plate features the depiction of a scene from a chosen saint’s life, titled with a word which encapsulates the personage’s most prominent virtue.”

- Encyclopedia Eorzea - The Council of Loetstym, page 26.

We hope this gives you an idea of whether or not your Miqo'te and their people recognize these saints.


“The Astalicia drifted on the empty sea, her rudder shattered by a sea serpent’s tail. Not a shadow of land could be seen on the sun-flooded horizon, and even the crew’s veterans were gripped by tendrils of despair. The captain put on a brave face, but it was only Ascya, the cook’s apprentice, whose calm was unfeigned. After hearing the ship’s navigator estimate three weeks until the current washed them up on the nearest shore, she drafted a plan to conserve their remaining rations. The sailors cajoled and threatened. The captain shouted orders. But she refused to dole out more food than was scheduled, never leaving her vigil beside the mean barrel. Praised for rescuing her entire crew with her temperance, Ascya was raised up as a saint blessed by Llymlaen.”

- Encyclopedia Eorzea II - Saint Ascya’s Mead


“Year after year, the brass loaches in the lake grew fewer and fewer in number. When the wise woman Dhyata came at the request of troubled fishermen, she needed but one glance at their catch to discern the source of their woes - in their nets wriggled not only the grown loaches but also the young and egg-swollen females as well. After lecturing her audience on the gods’ miracle of life, the sage snapped a branch to a certain length to show the size of fish they should keep, and forbade them from casting nets during the spawning season. The fishermen obediently followed her instructions, and within a few short summers the surface of the lake fairly churned with feeding loaches, so complete was their recovery. Revered for her lessons on life’s sanctity, the pious Dhyata was raised up as a saint blessed by Llymlaen.”

- Encyclopedia Eorzea II - Saint Dhyata & the Lake of Plenty


“Flanked by two elder siblings, the huntress Rhita set off in pursuit of the slavers who had taken her younger sister. They tracked their quarry to the coast, just in time to spy the villains preparing to load their ‘cargo’ onto a waiting galley. The descent to the beach, however, suddenly shifted from gentle slope to precipitous drop, and there was no time to scout a less perilous path down. Eyes rolling in fear, the antelopes the women rode balked at the cliff’s edge. At this, Rhita let out a piercing war cry, spurring the mounts into a headlong rush down the rocky face to the sands below. The slavers crumbled before the unexpected charge, and the sisters returned home triumphant, their rescued sibling in tow. Praised for her swift judgement and prompt action, Rhita was raised up as a saint blessed of Althyk.”

- Encyclopedia Eorzea II - The Call of Saint Rhita

Common Misconceptions

In this section it is our hope to disperse some common misconceptions, misbeliefs, and harmful stereotypes that can be irritating for us as Miqo’te role-players to face. Some of these are outright toxic and a detriment to our role-play experience. 

We ask you to be mindful of these misconceptions and keep them firmly out of our community.

This is quite possibly the most detrimental stereotype to the enjoyment of role-playing a Seeker of the Sun character.

In the Forgotten Springs one of the Drake tribe women lounging in the water offers a quest to you, the player, that involves frightening off peeping toms. At the end of the quest she demonstrates that she, in a SE way, is interested in sexual attention or even outright sex itself.

M'rahz Nunh, the in-game Nunh of the Marmot tribe, demonstrates vivid self-awareness that he is no match for the women and cannot control them.

When one is in the Forgotten Springs, there is a chance of happening upon a conversation between two NPC Seeker women. One of them asks the other when her next coupling is. We can extrapolate this means laying with the Nunh to conceive a child. It comes across as light-hearted and casual.

Finally, this trope is disgusting. One male exerting control over a community of women and systematically raping them is not a trope that we as players welcome into our role-play. While we do not shy from darker themes, this is over the line.

This is a common misconception borne from the descriptions of an in-game Minion.

Keyword here is supposed. We personally believe this is a tongue-in-cheek playful nod to a prior game from SE.

“The Keepers of the Moon who make Quarrymill their home have recently been troubled by Taker’s Rot poachers who litter the area with their deadly iron leg traps. Three young women and a breeding male have already had to have their legs amputated after suffering wounds from these deadly hunting instruments. To ensure the clan suffers no further causalities, the Trappers’ League has put a call out to local adventurers to assist in the search and disposal of hidden traps.”

- South Shroud 2.0 Levequest